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We help researcher to set out the research program in a more informed and systematic manner. Researchers can be:
 Industrial engineers who have to write a report for publication, grant application or legal purpose
 Grant, management 
 Academia students in
 MBA, MSc, MPhil , DBA or PhD
 Clinical and medical students in
 BSc, BN, MBA, MSc, MPhil or PhD
 Banking, finance and service students in
 BSc, MBA, MSc, MPhil, DBA or PhD 
Most industrial engineers do not have the expertise of writing a proper report particularly when it comes to complex compilation stipulated by government grant schemes or legal purposes. Most requirements are themselves difficult to follow. When changes a required there is always a paranoia of having to renumber the entire document - graphs, figures, references and the entirety.
Most student researchers are setback in experimentation and report writing because they learn by trial and error. Superimpose that with mistakes and research programs take much more resources and the nerves of the research degrees committee. Why learn by mistakes all the time? We offer several methods of research for academia, engineering, industry and other sciences.  

Structured Approach

We can help you in developing a structured approach through:
    1. Preliminaries
      1. Abstract
      2. Generate Table of Contents
      3. Lists of Figures, Tables, Abbreviations, Equations and Mathematical Symbols
      4. Preface
      5. Acknowledgement
      6. Author's Declaration
    2. Aims and objectives
      1. Proof of need
      2. Scope
      3. Limits of model
    3. Literature Review
      1. State of Art
      2. State of Self
    4. Model Creation
      1. Hypothesis Development
      2. Hypothesis Testing
    5. Research Methodology
    6. Design of experiments
      1. Practical
      2. Questionnaire
      3. Simulation
    7. Data Collection
      1. Questionnaire Design
      2. Pretest, etc.
    8. Data Analyses
      1. Analyses
      2. Verification
    9. Model Validation
      1. Confirmation
      2. Large Scale Implementation
    10. Reporting Findings
      1. Summary of Novel Findings
      2. Discussion of Knowledge Boundary
      3. Conclusion
      4. Recommendation
    11. Future Work
    12. Ending
      1. References
      2. Bibliography
      3. Index
      4. Appendices
      5. Glossary

Thesis Template

Write your Thesis
Please note that the work is deemed your contribution thus preserving the originality of your work as required by your (academic) institution or other agency. Our support is purely the template. Our assistance is purely consultancy in technical, administrative or clerical so that all credit, good or bad, goes to you and the copyright is entirely yours.

Organize and manage your thesis using
  • Using Microsoft Word
  • Using Microsoft Excel
  • Using Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Using Microsoft Equations
  • Using Microsoft Skydrive
  • Using specific software

Manage your thesis using

  • Managing Outlines
  • Numbering Formats
  • Numbering Styles
  • Headers and Footers
  • Footnotes and Endnotes
  • Body of Thesis
  • Reference and Reference Styles
  • Cross Referencing
  • Spell Checking,
  • Word Count
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